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6 Things to avoid ruining your tattoo


You’ve just gotten your new tattoo. There are some simple things you can do to avoid ruining your tattoo.

Avoid touching your tattoo

A new tattoo is an open wound and hands are dirty. No matter how well-intentioned you should watch you or your friends touching it, even if you think they are clean it is better to not risk it. Also, be very careful of pets licking it. Any of these things can infect your new tattoo. if you need to use a numbing cream to soothe the itchiness in the beginning.

Picking at Scabs
After a few days, your tattoo will start to scab. The scabs will be the same color as the ink used. If you pick at it you risk infection, pulling the ink off, and permanent scarring. Just push through any itchiness and discomfort and the scabs will heal naturally.

Once you remove the bandage you should very gently wash your new tattoo with soap and water. It is recommended that you do wash it regularly but watch that you don’t go overboard. Be careful to not be in the shower for too long and only pat it dry – no rubbing! Over-washing will irritate the tattoo and harm the healing process.

Steer clear of prolonged soaking
Prolonged soaking in water is definitely something to avoid. Short showers are of course needed but submerging in baths, Jacuzzis, saltwater, and so on are definitely something to avoid. The standing water can have bacteria and irritants that can harm the healing tattoo.

 Sleeping/Laying on your Tattoo
Ideally, you should sleep with your tattoo exposed. Depending on its location or if you move about a lot when you sleep and you don’t think that’s possible then make sure there is a thin clean sheet between your tattoo and any bed covers. If you wake up with it stuck to your tattoo then don’t pull it off just use warm water to slowly peel it off or even take it with you to the shower.

Sun Exposure
A little bit of sun shouldn’t be a problem but exposure to prolonged sunlight can cause irritation and discomfort. Sunblocks are not designed to handle healing wounds and so it is not advised to put them on your new tattoo. If you do have to go out in the sun then just keep that healing tattoo covered.

Finally don’t forget to seek advice if you need it. Tattoo artists want their art to come out as best as possible and if they are not available it’s always better to check with a doctor than to leave anything to chance. Do everything possible to avoid ruining your tattoo and keep it just how you want it!