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Essential Laser tattoo removal costs – Are they scary ?


What are the laser tattoo removal costs? Tattoos have been exemplifying body art for ages now. This is currently one of the most happening things to have happened especially to the younger generations or so it seems. Now there might be some reasons to remove a tattoo. In case the tattoo is temporary then it is not a problem a few creams or solutions are necessary to remove them.

However, in the case of a permanent tattoo, the story is pretty different. This is something that takes more than some solution and you might need to shell out a pretty penny to have them removed. At the same time removal of a permanent tattoo can be quite painful as well. The commonest and perhaps the most well-known form of tattoo removal is laser surgery.

Laser tattoo removal costs

The laser treatment as has been mentioned before is pretty common and there is a price that has to be paid which can be sky-high. It however depends from person to person. The other factors that depend are color, age, quality, and size. You are expected to pay anything from $200 to $500 for every session of removal. It’s naturally expected that you would need about half a dozen sessions. Around a couple of months is needed between every removal session so that the broken particles of the old tattoo can be easily and safely absorbed by the human body.

Don’t be alarmed as per as the price tags are concerned as you can get lesser-priced removal sessions as well. You need to therefore check out other places that do such stuff. The laser tattoo removal costs can also decrease depending on your situation. In case the tattoo that you have is dark, small, and of a single color then two sessions are needed to remove it. The pricing would be somewhere around a thousand dollars.

In case you wish to remove a large tattoo that is very colorful then in that case the price might be a whopping ten thousand dollars and inversely the laser tattoo removal cost might just be 500 dollars for each session. Anesthesia might be needed which can cost around $100 for every session. Thus you can understand that the tattoo removal cost can be pretty high depending on your situation. At times it also depends on the design of the tattoo and in case it is intricate and is of a complex style then it would seriously be tough and costly to be removed. The tattoo is embedded onto the human skin and is removed through complex procedures.

laser tattoo removal costs

The people wishing to have their tattoos removed can rest assure that they wouldn’t have to pay the price instantly and several financing companies would help you with your financial needs. At times instead of removing a tattoo, you can also opt to cover it up and it’s advised that you get just a few treatments for the sake of your skin. So now that you do know the methods as well as approximate costs you can go ahead and choose to remove the tattoo that you wish to.

How does tattoo removal laser technology work?

The treatment uses a specific wavelength of light that passes through the skin, gets absorbed by the tattoo ink, and breaks up the tattoo. The tattoo ink is then removed by the body’s natural filtering systems. Laser therapy treatment can effectively fade and remove professional and amateur tattoos containing black, dark, and light blue, green, and red pigments without leaving any scarring.

What is involved in laser tattoo removal?

Treatments are usually performed 6-8 weeks apart allowing for the skin to heal between treatments. The size, color, and depth of the ink will determine how many sessions are required, but as each session is completed you will see your tattoo fade!

How many treatments are required?

Most tattoos require 5 to 15 treatments.
Factors will be:

  • Type of tattoo – an amateur tattoo, (one done at home,) or a professional tattoo
  • Color of your tattoo
  • Location of your tattoo
  • The age of your tattoo (did you just get it last year or have you been wanting this off for the last 10 to 15 years?)

Many simple tattoos can be removed in 2-4 treatments. A more intricate professional tattoo will usually be a minimum of 6 to 12 sessions while an amateur tattoo might only take 5 to 10 treatments.

The black, pigments within your tattoo will be removed first. This is because black is a color that is absorbed by all types of laser wavelengths. Red, orange, and warmer colors also respond to treatment quickly with some colors like teal blue taking the full amount of recommended treatments.

A test area is always done to make sure each patient will receive the best results possible. Tattoo location will also be a factor in removal. Blood flow to ankles and fingers makes these areas the most difficult with more fleshy areas being the easiest.

An older tattoo is typically easier to remove than a newer one. Older tattoos tend to be a little closer to the surface of the skin making it easier for the laser to reach it.

What are the results?

Results can depend on the inks used in the tattoo, but usually, at least 95% of the tattoo’s color will fade after approximately six laser treatments.

Is laser tattoo removal painful?

Like most laser treatments, there can be a little pain or stinging, often described as being flicked with an elastic band. Anesthetic creams are available to numb the skin if your skin is sensitive.

What is a typical session like

Depending on your case you may or may not have a topical numbing cream applied before treatment begins. This takes about 30 minutes. Next, you will put on your protective eyewear to shield your eyes from the laser. Each treatment varies in length depending on the factors talked about above.  You can expect 10 to 30, very quick pulses for a small section of tattoo. After your treatment, we will apply antibacterial ointment and a protective gauze covering to keep your treated area clean and dry. That’s it! Each treatment will yield a different level of fading until you reach your final stage of tattoo removal.